Landscapes and Florals

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Landscapes, Florals and Still Life

Flowers are one of my favorite things to paint. As a subject, they have just as much personality as people.  Click on a picture to see a larger version.

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Couple of Roses

This 24x36 inch painting was ordered as an anniversary gift, and the roses represent the couple

Glowing Magnolia

All four of the magnolia paintings on this page are of the same blossom from different views and different stages

Trail Valley, Idaho

The farmers of this valley ordered this 24x48 inch panorama

Glory to God in the Highest

I like to illustrate my own Christmas cards, and I couldn't remember ever seeing one of the shepherds that included all the angels.  This drawing I did with oil pastels.  If anyone wants to use this for Sunday School or for your own cards, you may as long as it is not for profit and give proper credit.

Shadowy Magnolia

People in Houston love magnolias!

Vertical Magnolia

Stairs at Riverwalk 

Lost the full-size photo of this one somewhere on my computer!

Grandma's Deer

 These deer visit my mom on her ranch to eat apple cores and other delicacies.  This is one of the few paintings I have had time to paint just for fun!

The Mountain of God

This painting was a comission inspired by the song "Mountain of God" by 3rd Day.  "You must go through the valley to stand on the Mountain of God."

Stage Backdrop: The Narrow Gate

I painted this backdrop for my church on a 9ft by 12ft drop cloth after painting it with one coat of primer.  Worked great!