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almost finished large outdoor mural Temple, Texas

August 8, 2014

This 22 x 110 ft mural took 9 week to complete. It is located on Avenue A and Main in Temple, Texas across from the Extraco building. 

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Work started ont he Extraco Bank mural downtown Temple, TX

June 7, 2014

Setting up the projector

 You may have to check out my Paint By Amber facebook page to see the pictures, but I started work on the big mural downtown last night!  Used a 3,000 lumen projector and a Shur-line touch-up painter to outline about half of the 22'x110' mural design in 5 hours.

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Great new painting tool!

June 7, 2014

Shur-Line Touch Up PainterThis thing is absolutely awesome.  I used the Shur-line Touch Up Painter from Lowe's to outline about half of a 22'x110' mural in 5 hours using a projector.  You put some paint in the cannister, screw it on, and roll like crazy! Love it!

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